My Wednesday Writing friend, Audrey, tagged me for an eleven question writing meme. I’m going to get this done before we meet this week.
1. What snack (if any) do your prefer when writing?
Gummi Worms. They’re delicious and fat-free, or so it says on the package. Plus, if you eat half of one and half of another, you can stick the two remaining halves together. It’s Gummi Frankenstein’s Monster.
2. What is your next major writing goal?
To sell something bigger than a short story. I’m working on something with potential. Too bad the rewriting is taking longer than the writing.
3. How would you feel about your book being made into a movie?
I’d be extremely excited. Like, Tebow!Excited. I’d also want to be a producer, then I’d have a say but not have to take my book and reduce it into a two-hour script.
4. What is your dream writing space?
Before they passed, my grandparents owned a house on the beach. I think sitting on the deck, looking out across the Atlantic Ocean would be it. Until then, I have a laptop and love to travel.
5. Where do you go to scope out ideas for characters and dialogue?
Ideas are everywhere. I get ideas for things right before nodding off to sleep. The best/worst time I get ideas is in the shower. For a time, I had this soap crayon to write on the wall when a particularly good idea struck. Dialogue’s the same way. In most public situations, I say little and listen. Be a sponge!
6. What are you doing to become a better writer?
I’m reading a lot in my genre. I’m reading a lot outside of my genre. I’m writing on a schedule now instead of when the muse strikes. And two of my writing buddies and I started a writing blog. You can find us at Cimmerian Tales, where we write a short story every week on a common prompt.
7. Do you outline before you start a novel?
Yes. What I’ve also noticed is that within the first few chapters, I’ve already veered widely from that outline, so I readjust. Nothing’s set in stone, but it’s nice to have an idea of where I want to end up.
8. What was the last book you read?
Tempest by Julie Cross. I thought it was fantastic but much too short. Can’t wait for the next two books in the trilogy.
9. What is your biggest distraction when you write and how do you deal with it?
In the best of circumstances, I’m distracted by shiny things. At home, it’s Brody bringing his leash, or needing to be pet, or fed, or told to get out of the trash for the five-hundredth time in an hour. On Wednesdays, it’s getting free pie, or talking to all of you about things not necessarily writing-related, making jokes, etc. I do much better under the pressure of a deadline. Being accountable works for me.
10. What is your favorite sentence you have ever written?
This is a mean question. For now, here’s one that keeps me up at night: “The boys of St. Thomas of Aquinas Day keep disappearing”.
11. What should the title of my YA paranormal romance be?
I am the worst at titles. You want something short but meaningful. Something that gives away the story but also causes mystery. I’ll help, if I can.


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