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Anne’s #PimpMyBio


I’ve been writing with publication in mind for a few years now. Even with my background in English Literature and love for reading and editing, I need a mentor. I’m willing to work hard and soak up everything you have to share with me. Here are some things about me:

  1. I like wine. Especially chocolate and dessert wines.BernardBlackwine
  2. Many of my summer vacations were spent on the Jersey Shore—Surf City! The “Jaws” movies were always on TV. Subsequently, I’m terrified and fascinated (read: fascified) by great white sharks. My fear is totally justified!HungryJaws
  3. When I was wee I read comics (not so much now). I wanted to grow up to be a superhero. Unfortunately, I’m not an angel, mutant, alien, or Amazonian. Superheroes
  4. I’m on of those rare writers that doesn’t care for coffee or caffeine. Like, at all. It makes me shake like a chihuahua (which, oddly enough, I couldn’t find a gif for).
  5. My owner is a 30lb beagle named Brody. His AKC name is Martin Brodeur, but I couldn’t call him “Marty” because what if he and the real Marty ever met? Awkward. Brody’s also referred to as the “Circus Dog” because he does a number of tricks. A stranger taught him this one:BrodyTricks
  6. I ❤ taking scenery photographs. I’m in no way a pro, but I do share them on Instagram.
  7. My favorite shows are Supernatural and The Walking Dead. (Also, Elementary. Also, The Last Comic Standing.)EyeoftheDeanAndrewDanaiNorman
  8. I’ve worked as a Zamboni driver, a website coder, a hockey columnist, and an IT Support Tech among other jobs. Zamboni driver was fun until I crashed into the boards. La la la. The photo below was not me. I swear.zambonionFIRE
  9. Sports. Sports. All the sports. I support all my Colorado home teams, but I’m also a fan of the New Jersey Devils (they were the Colorado Rockies first!). I was the lacrosse manager in high school, so I’m pretty good at taking stats during games. I played hockey with a gay men’s team for a few years. Best. Time. Ever.
  10. LastlyIReadYA

♥ ♥ ♥ Regardless of whether my MS is picked or not, I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the mentors, agents, and especially the hostess, Brenda Drake, for all of your time and commitment to this amazing opportunity. And thanks to those of you (like Jen Malone, Melissa Albert, & Caitlin Sinead) who are giving away free query and first page critiques. You rock! ♥ ♥ ♥

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