A Whole New Year

Too much apple cider

Photo © Copyright Anne Marie, 2012.

I haven’t yet had a chance to write 2013. Guess the first time will be on my February rent check. Jen and I stuffed 12 Gummi Bears into our mouths as the clock ticked down to midnight. It’s supposed to be grapes, in the Spanish tradition, but we saw Les Misérables (which is really long) and didn’t make it to the store before they closed. Last year I managed to complete 3/4 of the things on my list. This year I hope to match that or better.

Here are my 12 New Year Resolutions for all the world to see:

  1. Detail and fix car, or buy a new one
  2. Go back to being vegan instead of vegetarian
  3. Do something nice for myself 3 times a year (new shoes, pedicure, etc)
  4. Get open-water diving certification
  5. Wear make-up for more than “special occasions”
  6. Buy more eBooks and less paper books
  7. Write
    1. Finish U by April
    2. Query TSC again, or let it go
    3. Attend at least one writer’s conference
    4. Submit more short stories
  8. Go to a Broncos play-off game
  9. Find out more about adoption
  10. Either watch the movies from Netflix, or cancel my account (I’ve had the same disk since March of 2012 – OMG)
  11. Learn a new skill (2010 = guitar, 2011 = crochet, 2012 = Comp TIA A+)
  12. Go somewhere I’ve never been before.

How about you? What things are you planning for 2013?



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