Published works:La Dame à La Licorne

La Dame à La Licorne” published by Euterpe YA, an imprint of Musa Publishing. Purchase your copy through Musa directly, Amazon.com, BN.com, OmniLit, or Smashwords.

Spirit Legends of Ghosts and Gods ed. Christopher Ficco“A Heart Full of Love” appeared in Spirit Legends: of Ghosts and Gods, edited by Christopher Ficco.

Read (for free!) over 25 of the short stories I’ve written by clicking Saturday Shorts. You can also read (for free!) my themed short stories and those of three YA writer friends by clicking Cimmerian Tales.




The Serpent’s Covenant: Fifteen-year-old Cori Anders has always heard voices no one else could. Not even her younger brother Rian. One night, a sexy stranger appears in her backyard. He can hear the voices too. When the Winter Chief kidnaps Rian, the stranger introduces Cori into a world of shape-shifting spiders, secret councils, and the chance to become immortal and save her brother. The council promises to help her get Rian back, but only if she kills a giant winged serpent. No problem, right? A promise, sealed with a kiss, makes the offer even more desirable. Immortality with a boy like that at her side never looked so good.

Photo © Copyright, Kalen O’Donnell, 2012. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Underneath: Alejandro (Roo to his friends) has dreams of becoming a professional surfer. Neti has dreams of her 18th birthday when she’ll finally be able to leave the ocean and walk on land. In her haste to get there faster, she disobeys her father and learns the blood ritual which turns fins into feet. After a fight with her best friend, who recently told her he loves her, she makes a terrible mistake and attacks Roo on his surfboard. There’s only one cure for a sharkmaid’s bite, and Neti knows the consequences: death. As Roo and Neti grow closer, can she keep the terrible secret of what really happened from him? Is it really love if there isn’t trust?

Short Story Anthology: Slated for release in 2014, this collection of YA short stories includes many from the Saturday Shorts series. It will also feature never before published stories. Magic, monsters, and mayhem play within these pages.


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